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How to Submit website to DuckDuckGo webmaster tool (Search engine)

Submit website to duckduckgo search engine console.
                                                                                                                Image Courtesy pexels
Website URL submission to DuckDuckGo search engine console
Submission website URL to the search engine is the best SEO method to be displayed in the search results. Friends if you have submitted websites to Google webmaster tools and bing webmaster tools and now want to submit website to DuckDuckGo Search engine. Duckduckgo is widely used because its anonymously use feature is very popular.

Steps to submit URL to DuckDuckGo search engine's webmaster tool
here is the complete steps to add your website to Duckduckgo search engine

         1. Fill email id.

         2.type site name eg lebnol,shoutmeloud.

         3.domain name eg will type shoutmeloud.

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         4.enter your full website address.

         5. Select your website type.