Friday, 10 August 2018

Best play store alternatives

Best play store alternatives

Best Play Store Alternative to publish apps without paying 25$

                Now the day's everyone wants to become a shareholder of android and iOS market, everyone trying by watching and reading articles on Google, to create and publish Android and iOS apps, but we all should know that to earn from play store we need 2 things.

 1. Knowledge of android studio(coding).   

 2. Publish the app on Google play store


 3 google android developer member (25$ is needed to become a member)

So friends that all was the problem, and if you want to make the android app free and easier and also want to upload to play store, then a super option is here, so friends I am going to introduce the biggest company's project, amazon app store.


       There are 2 easier ways to create and publish apps

    1.create app is easy with best online websites Appsgiyernd thinkable app

    2. Amazon app store

Amazon app store is also the best play store after google play store, it also provides android and fire devices

  Amazon app development program is free and there is no charge for membership. Amazon app stores app also have Adsense type ads which are run by amazon ads. So, friends, the profit will be given by amazon .



           1 you can charge for your App (paid app)

  will show ads which help you to create revenue by showing ads on app.

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