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Free Video Editing Softwares for windows, Linux and Mac

Friends In today's era nothing is free. We have to spend money on everything. So in today's age can you think, About video editing software that works like a big expensive software for free. Off course, your answer will no. Friends, do not panic. I will tell you about some 5 software that is absolutely free and available for Mac, Linux and Windows OS

5 Best Free Video Editing Software For Windows, Mac and Linux operating system 

Friends those are 5 software's that will give you a new experience. All the facilities available on these are free. This software is capable of working on a variety of operating systems. You don't need to have an expensive laptop to run this software.

These five video editing software give you a professional experience

1 Open Shot Video editor

Openshot is available from 2008. It is a openshot simple software, and available for Windows, Mac and Linux.   Features of OpenShot video editor

 Trim and slice Free unlimited tracks for videoAmazing video effe…