Sunday, 25 November 2018

Cure Low immunity and boost stamina with home remedy

             Can't run 1500 meters and even do 10 pushups, that's because your immunity is weak. I will tell such a 100% effective domestic remedies. After taking it, you will remember me for life. I am not a doctor or any medical professional, friends but these home remedies have received me from my native place.

Are you tired of small work, here's the home remedy to increase the immunity to 100%

Improve immunity with home remedy
Indian goat

The home remedy is goats raw milk and this is proven that many of times when any one suffers from Malaria dengue and the immunity came down then the doctor suggests drinking goat's milk.
Because the goat's raw milk has more benefits than cows. Read below

  •                Low lactose sugar then cows
  •                13% more calcium 
  •                25% more vitamin B6
  •                47% more vitamin A
  •                134% more potassium

So, friends if you want to improve immunity please try that home remedy. If have any  Q/A follow me on social networking sites. 

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