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Activate Bob Mconnect plus

Activate Bob Mconnect plus(Mobile Banking) with ATM
What is BOB Mconnect plus?BOB Mconnect plus is a powerful mobile banking solution for the customers of BANK OF BARODA. It has unique features with     current balance    Watch  Statement online & also get with email for a month and as you want to get between dates.   Add custom beneficiaries    Online activities eg recharge premium pay and other  Online apply for cheque book  Create Rd & Fd account online

Deactivate / De-registration of Baroda M-Connect plus (Mobile Banking) via ATM machine

How to activate BOB Mconnect plus(Mobile Banking with the help of ATM Machine Things will Need :      A registered mobile number with bob account.     Debit or Credit card     ATM 🏧of the selected bank of account
 Method :

    Swipe your ATM CARD🏧
   Select the language🔢🈯🈲
   Enter your debit or credit card password🔢
   Select Mconnect plus (mostly on the left side of the screen)
  Select activate ( there will three options           1. Activa…