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How To Install High CPC Cookies In Firefox Browser For High CPC Ads 2020

How To Install Cookies In Firefox Browser For High CPC Ads 2020

how to import cookies in firefox are you searching for that. Then you are at the right place, here you will become familiar to install high CPC cookies in firefox latest version.

Some Details About cookies

     Friends according to Wikipedia cookies, which are also known as web cookie are also known as a record of user activity which is generally used by google, ads platforms and another e-commerce website to show products according to user interests. So I hope you got an idea from above the details.

Why install cookies in firefox 

friends now the day's many new Website beginners are in a hurry to earn money. Many AdSense publishers use the wrong way to generate high earning with Google AdSense, they participate in many c4c ads click exchange programs via Facebook and Whatsapp groups. So the benefits are that if you install high CPC cookies in Firefox then when you browse internet via Firefox you will get ads which are high CPC and from top companies. so if you do click exchange you will get high CPC.

Steps To Install Cookies In Firefox For High CPC Ads 2020

  • Download first high CPC cookies from the given link by the image shown below and extract it with Winzip or other unzip software .
  1.            download cookie Zip 
  2.          download cookies file zip 2

                                           This is a 1st method to enable high CPC cookies in firefox browser ( if it not works than do the 2nd method) 

  • Download the latest Firefox and open the ads on installer page and search for Quick Manager Extension on Firefox 

  • After installing that extension right-click on the extension and click on the manage all cookies 


  •  a window will open like the image below and select the open file upload menu (at the bottom)to upload the file and select the cookies files one by one from the extracted folder.

    How To Install Cookies In Firefox Browser For High CPC Ads 2020
                                                                              2nd Method to install high cpc cookies in Firefox browser


    •  download that cookie import-export extension and add it with the (add on feature) by click on the three-line setting menu and visit Extensions and 

     select the setting icon and  choose  addon from file in the  on Firefox old version 56.0

    • and at menu bar find the tools menu scroll down and select the import  cookies from extracted cookie folder ( select the cookies files which are in txt format )

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        Ads click exchange are not good for Adsense publishers. By that way, you will easily install high CPC cookies in firefox browser.

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