Friday, 26 June 2020

how to available Facebook desktop web version in dark mode

Facebook has recently announced Dark Mode. Dark Mode features are the most popular feature all the Social media platforms are converting there apps to support dark mode because dark mode makes no effects on eye eg. Instagram, WhatsApp and others. 
so in this article, I will show how you can easily use the Facebook desktop version in dark mode.

how to available Facebook desktop web version in  dark mode (Latest feature updates)

Dark mode is usually enabled by some small  steps

  1. Open and login to your account.
      2. Check have you opened the latest Facebook version ( If not then at right side click on latest version/ latest Facebook).

      3. After enabled the latest version check out the image below there will be dropdown 

Facebook desktop web version in  dark mode

     4. take the pointer to dark mode and enable it by click 

Facebook desktop web version in  dark mode step 2

    5. after enable dark mode your latest Facebook will look like this .

Facebook desktop Dark Mode web version benefits

Here are the benefits of the desktop dark web version 

  • when using the first time it will no longer like and feel good but as you use regularly it will really good 
  • It will give relief to the eye 


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