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League of Legends Continental League Game Full Details

League of Legends is a strategy game, which can play with 140 Champions. In this game, 2 teams can play easily. The main target in the game is to destroy the Base of the enemies with the help of the team.

League of Legends Game full details
League of Legends is a powerful full graphics game. Your team's main aim is to destroy others Nexus. The main Features, Parts and modes are given below.

Main AIM of the game is to destroy other teams Nexus with the help of 140 champions.In the Game, teams need to cross the jungle and Fight with the monsters of the jungles.Main enemies in the game are Baron Nashor & Drakes.Drakes are the dragon enemies to make them die you need some energy boost in the gameIn the game five lanes are available to choose, to cross the jungle with a team                1st Lane - Top  Lane                2nd Lane - Jungle                3rd lane - Mid Lane                4th Lane - Bot Lane While you expertise the game at champion level, you can earn Gold, which is us…