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Top 10 Free, SEO, Fast Loading, Responsive Blogger Templates 2020 in English

 Which template is best for Blogger? Are you searching for fast SEO blogger templates which are  Best SEO friendly blogger templates. Then you are at right place.Google will not reveal any lack of this template on markup testing. I am also using this blogger templates on my site. 

Top 10 Free, Fast Loading, Responsive Blogger Templates 2020 in English

So let's continue on the best SEO friendly optimized blogger XML templattopic. Please note that SEO friendly website is not only the major factor for SEO and traffic , but a websites post must also be eye-catching and with article related keywords.

Seo always matter on all platform , if you are using  WordPress then you can easily maintain on-page and off-page SEO with the help of plugins .But in the blogger there are no plugins and official support are available but never forget that google always provides many tools to find the SEO score of any site and also providing keywords tools. if you want to learn about the best SEO factors, I have post SEO tips for better rankings on Google . In blogger you will get any type of errors eg, breadcrumbs, navigation in the google webmaster tools. This type of errors will never come with this template. In the post, I will discover best SEO friendly XML blogger templates which are mostly adapted from WordPress


seo friendly blogger Blogspot free template with download link

Seo friendly test of Seo Friendly Blogger Templates 

           I am also using these best SEO friendly blogger templates by testing with the google structured data markup tool I get results without warning and errors and the resulting image is given below. There was no errors and warnings. 

1 Test (Structured Data testing tool)


2nd Test ( Page speed insight )

       Page speed insight tool is an official Google Tool to Perform many tests given below:
  • First Contentful Paint
  • First Meaningful Paint
  • Speed Index
  • First CPU Idle
  • Time to Interactive
  • Max Potential First Input Delay

SEO friendly blogger template features

Seo friendly blogger templates which are given in this post, those features are given below.  

  • Responsive                                         -     yes true responsive
  • Google Testing Tool validation          -     yes without errors
  • Seo Friendly                                       -     yes
  • Mobile-Friendly                                  -    yes mobile friendly
  • CPC                                                      -   High
  • Fast Loading                                        -  Yes
  • Ads Ready                                            - Yes supports all types of ads

Download 100% SEO friendly Blogger templates 

         Here are the best 5 SEO friendly and true responsive blogger template for your BlogSpot site . All the templates have both versions free and paid. I suggest you to not remove the footer credit of the templates because free versions are restricted to remove the footer credit to authors.

  • SIMPLEON Blogger Template 

Simpleon is my favourite blogger template, I get the fastest loading speed with this template it looks premium and this is an SEO friendly, fast loading, ads ready, Schema org validated and true responsive blogger template. It is the most simple SEO blogger template

  • Takis High CPC template


                                      Takis is a high CPC, CTR, SEO friendly and highly responsive template . It looks cool & mobile friendly its a best SEO friendly template. I am also using this site after using I found more speed loading and earning with this template. I get most ads to click with this template.This template is the answer of the most asked question, Which Blogger template is best for AdSense?
                                                  DOWNLOAD TAKIS TEMPLATE 

  • SEO Boost blogger template 

                                             Seo boost template is also a free and paid blogger template. It is best for fashion, travel, health and more. SEO boost template is fast loading, SEO friendly and premium look theme (Wordpress type). SEO boost template is a free Wordpress themes type template, with clean and mobile-friendly responsive design.

                                                   DOWNLOAD SEO BOOST TEMPLATE 

Best SEO Friendly Blogger Templates 2020 | Adsense Friendly Blogger Template for Fast Approval

                                                  Alva template is an SEO friendly blogger template it comes with fast loading and adaptive design to load on all high-end devices.

                                                DOWNLOAD ALVA BLOGGER TEMPLATE

MALINA-BEAUTY-BLOGGER-TEMPLATE -seo-friendly-blogger-template

   Malina Beauty blogger template looks stunning and mobile-friendly. It loads fast on all devices its super SEO friendly nature keeps you to get high rank on the google search engine. Malina blogger template main feature is breadcrumb navigation ready and SEO / ads friendly.
                  Download Malina Blogger Template 

Do that tests after installing SEO friendly Blogspot XML templates for SEO

   Bloggers always forget that site articles are eligible or not for the best SEO factor which is the rich snippets. If posts are rich snippets that perform well SEO score and ranks well on Google and all major search engines. So you can test your website and posts for rich snippet results test with Google's official rich result tool after installing the SEO friendly Blogspot templates.

                         8 BlOGGER HTML ERROR FINDER TOOLS

Precautions Before Use SEO Friendly Blogspot Templates 

       Please do those things before using these blogger templates.

          1. Create a backup of your old template.
          2. Create your all posts backup, because if any problem occurs you can easily restore with the backups.
          3. Never tries to remove the footer credit, if you remove footer credit your all blog will automatic redirected to templates official site. `
           4. Check always malware test after install templates

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