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earn money online scam free

Everyone works hard to earn money, but even smart workers left behind the hard workers in the competition to make money. I don't need to talk about blogging, YouTube and affiliate marketers which are earnings 100 dollars per day. So friends in this article I will tell you the best ways to make money online, without invest and scam free. 

           10 Ways to Earn Money Online from Home Scam free 

Earn money online
Earn Money Online

1st Platform to earn money online

earn money online with youtube

 YouTube also gives you money when you upload videos, that videos give you money if the viewers visit your videos. To earn you should do this method.

                A. upload the video on YouTube with your Google account
                B. Select the monetize/monetization option at the uploaded video.
               C. Add title and tags(Hints about the video that will help to find it for the video searchers on the google search and YouTube also eg. Android, comedy circus etc) to the video.


                                                           2nd Platform to earn money online

earn money online with amazon
          Amazon has three programs, with them you can earn money.

                              earn money online with amazon-associates 

 Amazon associates pay high advertising fees to the advertiser. example 4% on electronics 12% on shoes and clothing . after you log in to amazon and become the associate. you can earn with these three things

 Share the Amazon products with the help of social networking sites eg, blogging, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook page. If any viewer watches your post and buys the product via your site or video you get your commission directly to your connected bank account.

earn money online with amazon by refer products

Amazon refers and earns program. with this program refer your friend to join Amazon. if your friend creates amazon account and buy a product you will get 200 rupees.

earn money online with amazon by ads

Play Amazon products ads on your websites, blogs and earn.

3rd Platform

earn money online with blogger


                that's Google official site. where you can create a website for free. the website address will look like that.

     After creating a site, you should go to the AdSense and select it after the google qualified your site you can play ads on your site to earn money. If didn't get qualified don't worry just go to layout option and select the option ADD WIDGET-> HTML/JAVA there you can add ads.  But you need to register on other sites to get ads. To get publish ads on your site you should be a publisher. To become a publisher and get ads, register at those sites.

  • (MSN and yahoo company 
  • Taboola ads

4th Platform

earn money online with
                                 also gives money if you write for them you can write articles at topics that are being provided by them after you verified your qualification as a writer.


earn money online with wordpress

                         WordPress is a blog making can earn money with these two things

                              1. Create blog/websites and display ads on them.

                                   2. Design templates for WordPress.

6th- Platform


This is a question and answer site. In this site, you can create question & answer at selected categories. by creating question and answer you get points and after your points increased your level also increased and started earnings.

earn money online with ehow        

Ehow site show visitors to know about every topic. Signed in users also can write at any selected topic and earn money.




Admob is a Platform where you can get ads for your app. You can easily publish apps on the Play Store. To serve app on play store for the first time you have to pay money to upload app on play store. AdMob gives you money by serving ads on your app.


Sell images online

If you have a smartphone or camera, you have a real chance to make money. This is a very popular method, you can just start capturing pictures in high quality and share to Shutterstock and  Alamy


earn money online with adfly  adfly is widely used to shorten links. The shortened link of your web site is visited by the visitors you will get money for that. When your account balance reached to 5usd(minimum payout) you can redeem via PayPal

                                                                                                                                11th method

                                                                                                       Earn money with elance website is a place to get a job online for free. Elance provide if you follow three steps to give you money

Sign up>search job with prices>complete the job and get money
(Note: elance doesn't give money, money is given by the job provider)

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