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Remove Google Account On MIUI Xiaomi

In this post, you will be explained how Gmail account is deleted in miui.Before this, we will learn some interesting things about MIUI os.  MiUi is astock firmware for Xiaomi smartphones. This is a Chinese based stock firmware which is available in 32 languages. It has a smooth and bright interface. Xiaomi has launched best selling smartphones across the globe. MIUI Account                             Xiaomi mi devices are running with Google account. Mi account is optional mostly Google id is used to run the device. 5gb cloud storage is given with mi device to backup data MI account are used to create a backup and secure your account but mostly Gmail account is used to run the device. In the below video tutorial, Gmail account removing from MiUi smartphone is shown.

How to remove a Gmail account on your Xiaomi smartphone?
Follow the instructions given below.


Click menuClick on Sync below MI accountSelect the Gmail account which you want to removeClick on MoreThen select Remove Acco…