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File transfer from Android (xender) to PC

How to Transfer Files From Android smartphone to Your PC with xender app

send files completely wirelessly is a good deal. Everyone hates to enter pen drive/USB to mobile and share files to pc. So guys don't get any tension. There is a fast method which makes you fast as 5g.


  1. Android smartphone with the latest sender app.

  2. Laptop have Working wifi

                            Guys follow these steps

1. Open Xender app on your smartphone.

2. Go to option connect to pc/computer. Select it

3. Then went to create a hotspot and make allow the app to create a hotspot. And the hotspot will look like xender AP

4. And connect the laptop/pc to the xender ap named hotspot. Guys, I suggest you turn off the mobile data on your smartphone.

5. When your pc get connected, then visit your xender app on pc and there will be an IP shown on the app .

6. The ip eg will be like that, open this IP in any browser I suggest chrome.
Then a request will displa…