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Top 8 Tools to find out HTML errors on Blogger & WordPress

Friend's in this post I am going to share the top 8 tools from W3C to find the HTML errors of any websites, it will very helpful for blogger, WordPress and all the platforms.

Top 8 HTML/CSS error finder tools for blogger and WordPress from W3C official
The Top tools  to find out HTML errors  are here 


 Unified validator. HTML, CSS, Links & Mobile .The official tool by W3C, testing can be done by past URL or uploading HTML.

RSS feed Validator
Validator for syndicated feeds. (RSS and Atom feeds)

RDF Validator
Checks and visualizes RDF documents with the official W3C tool.
Checks level of internationalization - friendliness by insert URL of website and results will appear in seconds.
Link Checker
Checks your web pages for broken links like the official Google webmaster tool
CSS validator
Checks your Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) which are used to style web.

Test and help the interoperability of the Web with this awesome TOOL by W3C
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