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android secret codes and hacks list for Android phones

Android secret codes are the keys which are used to use as a smart user.with the Android secret codes you can find all the details of Android smartphone you can also check the hardware test and functioning. You know the world popular command *#06#, which is used to find any devices IMEI number. Most Useful Vip Secret Code list For All Android Mobiles Here you will find the complete list of secret codes for Android phones. we will early create an android secret codes pdf file. Benefits of Android secret codes and hacks                                   There are many benefits which are written below.

Phone, Battery and WiFi informationNetwork commands using *#*#4636#*#*
usually, if you are in a 3g network or using a 3g smartphone, and if you want to use 4g  network then you can change network band to 4g/LTE.

       2.  Battery health status by using *#*#4636#*#*of course, if you want to know that your battery is healthy or not and what is the power measurement of your battery you can check t…