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Type 2 Diabetes causes , treatment, diagnosis and symptoms

Diabetes is a chronic and metabolic disease dramatically occurs due to the level of Glucose in Blood.

Type 2 Diabetes causes, treatment, diagnosis and symptoms
Type 2 Diabetes is also known as Non-insulin-dependent or Adult-Onset. It effects on both adults and kids

Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms 
Polyuria (urinal problem)     Polydipsia ( thirst)    Constant hunger    Weight loss    Accidentally vision changes    Fatigue
Body Parts survives in type 2 Diabetes

       Heart             Vessels             Eye diseases             Kidney failures             Nerves

Why type 2 diabetes occurs
It occurs due to the ineffective use of insulin  Mostly it surrounds people's who have heavy body heavyweight and neutral physical work.       

   Type 2 Diabetes treatment, medicine and precautions
                 It can cure with insulin after the years of symptoms occurs.


  Maintain body weight  Eat healthy foods  Do Everyday 30-minute exercise  Avoid sugar  Leave tobacco uses