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How to permanently delete blogspot domain/website

You can delete blog at any time with delete & permanently delete menu.there is a simple process which will help you to delete a blog.
The process to permanent delete Blogspot website Follow the steps written below

The process to delete blogger site

Login to bloggerSelect the blog from the list.

Navigate to settings
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4. Click on another tab
    5. Go to delete the blog and click on delete blog
         6. After a click, a  Logo will appear then Click on                Delete this blog

 7. Again move to the main menu (shown on the 1.step) and at the down, a menu deleted blogs will available, select the blog which you want to delete.

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     8.Th click on permanently delete  as shown on the below image

09. Now click on Permanent delete in the pop-up menu.

 CONCLUSIONThat's steps will Permanent delete blog (website + domain ), I hope you enjoyed reading.