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How to apply aloe vera on face

How to apply aloe vera on face
Aloe Vera plant

Interesting facts about Aloe Vera

    In Indian Ayurvedic treatment aloe vera is described as the main medicine which is effective on digestive, skin weight loss, immunity, mental relief, reduce cholesterol and many more. In India, it's using for skincare mostly. Aloe Vera can be grown anywhere. It is found mostly in dry areas.

Aloe vera for face

             Aloe vera is an effective treatment for face because it has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Top branded cosmetic companies are providing their products with aloe vera version.

How to apply aloe vera on the face for fast results Grandma Method

   It is really very easy to apply aloe vera juice on the face I am giving some steps, with this you can easily apply on face with more effective results.

  • Get fresh aloe vera on the morning.
  • At morning after woke up first wash your mouth without soap.
  • Dry your face with the towel.
  • Take a leaf of aloe vera to remove it's hard upper skin gently carefully because it has thorns.
  • First, apply a bit of the juice at a sensitive area like the ear 👂.
  • If you don't feel any type of allergy.
  • Apply the water type pieces of aloe vera on the face and close your eyes.
  • Put it on your face an hour.
  • After an hour, wash your mouth with cold water
  • If you found any allergy contact your physician
  • In a week you will find amazing results on the skin.


                 Aloe vera gives the better result than a cosmetic cream for acne another major problems skin, But before you apply on your face get in touch with your physician.

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