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How to handwash (Hand Rub) during covid19 WHO update

you know about coronavirus very well, friends, let me give you a little information. Karona is an epidemic which has taken a terrible form and the whole world has fallen into contemplation, then friends, during this coronavirus, WHO Has released a video about the safe way to wash hands to prevent the increasing infection of coronavirus. I hope that you watch the video and you will also keep your hands and family safe by washing your hands like this

WHO announced videos of  real method to Hand Wash (Hand rub method) during COVID-19 with alcohol-based hand sanitizer or soaps
In this 1st video WHO has described the best way to rub the hand with hand sanitizer. 

2nd video is describing the hand wash method with liquid hand sanitizer (alcohol-based)

Whats tricks in the video shown

Hand wash with palm upon palm method as shown in the videoInterlocking method to wash properly with hand soap or sanitizer (alcohol-based)

True news related to corona found from where?
If you have any doubt about facts …