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How to Grow Coriander at home in Water with Hydroponic System

How to Grow Coriander at home in Water with Hydroponic System

Hi food lovers we all know that in India coriander is mostly used India all vegetables and it is also popular across the countries. Friends you know we need soil and small field to grow a plant what I think you have to know about hydroponics. Hydroponics is a method with this you can grow plants at home with water.

Follow that steps to Grow Coriander at home with Hydroponic System

Things require for Grow Coriander at home

  1. Forged Basket
  2. Steel Bowl
  3. Water
  4. Solid or liquid compost (which are looks like chemical )
Here are the steps to grow plants with Hydroponic System.
  • Use Coriander Seeds ( best quality seeds)
  • Use a forged plastic basket which is mostly used to put vegetables spread the Coriander Seeds which are broken in two parts in the base of the basket.
  • Add full water in the bowl, and put the basket above it seeds must be in closer to water.
  • Between  7 to 10 days seed will grow
  • After that change water with mixed compost.
  • And follow the steps after 15 days again.
  • Your coriander plants will grow between 20 to 25 days properly


                In summer don't put the plant directly to sunlight , place it in balcony and cool place.


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