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Google Cloud server hosting full information you should know about it

Google Cloud server hosting full information you should know about it

Google cloud hosting program is a reliable and fast hosting program . If you believe on Google I know everyone believe Google , it's bit costly but it's a amazing platform ,if you want to get a rocket boost site or app than ,Google cloud hosting  platform gives you best solution for hosting and more .

What is Google Cloud server hosting 

According to Google cloud hosting services website hosting with  1 year free tier is available if you want to use Google cloud hosting program you just need to visit Google cloud console . So in brief Google cloud server hosting is a program ,with this program you can easily host your website ,app and more . 

QnA about Google cloud hosting

Q.1    can we use WordPress with Google                  cloud hosting?
          Ans:        Yes

Q.2    does it give any free period to run website ?
         Ans:         Yes it comes with 1 year free tier and many free gifts

Q.3 Google cloud hosting is secure or not ?
        Ans: yes it's worlds class security is awesome .

Q.4  any other example of program to host website or app ?
          Ans:    yes 
  1.         Lamp stac
  2.         Joomla 
  3.         Drupal

Q.5 which languages are available to build app ?
                   1. Java
                   2. .net
                   3. Node.js
                   4. PHP
                   5. Python
                    6. Rubby

Q.6 example of some Google cloud storage products ?
Ans:       here are the examples
               1.  Cloud SQL
                2. Redis databases
           3. Firestore
       4. Cloud storages

Q.7 how will you find security vulnerabilities ?
       Ans . With Web Security Scanner

Q.8 examples of available virtual machine on gcc ?
          Check out this image

Q.9 App engine work image of google cloud computing ?

Q.10 what about pricing of Google cloud ?


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