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20 no internet game to play on your Android or iOS mobile

Friends are you ready to play the best games, which works without the internet. So here you will get complete detail about 20 offline games for your smartphone

20 Best no internet game Games on Smartphone That Don’t Need Internet

Of course, those games are true offline games let's enjoy these games


It is an offline action game. Locations weapons fighters are in amazing animated format. It is the most addicting games in the world, this game has achieved more awards than others. You have to fight, solve puzzles, jumps and many more things.

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2 Dead Rain2

Is a popular series game. In this adventurous game, you have to fight with different evil at different locations. You have to kill the zombies with a different type of weapons.

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3 No Guns

It's truly an addictive and amazing game. In this game, the weapon is the bomb and all the enemies will kill by a bomb. This game is with cartoon-style animated heroes.

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4  Human fall flat

In the game, you have to solve the puzzles at different locations and environment. This is also a difficult game to move the main animation character of the game.

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5 green glass

It is an amazing high graphic fighting game. You will find here the Japanese this game, you have to complete missions and do sword fighting. It will look like a story. Which game is developed by NetEase Games? The swordfighters actions and moves are very awesome. This games missions are the open-world environment. You can enjoy horse riding at amazing locations. you have to unlock game features with nearby things. It is totally offline game. You will enjoy it.

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6 Dark sword part 2

This game is equal to Shadow fight 123. You will not find more colourful in this game but the fighting is awesome. This game is with awesome moves and fighting. You will find different type of girls, swords and fighting styles.

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7 butterfly episodes 1

Adventures game like the name of game. It is true you will be addicted to this game. You have to unlock new missions. You have to skate in different locations and the environment.

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8 Trick art dungeon

You will find 2d style graphics. Inside the game, you will solve the puzzles near you. This game is a story-based game.

9.Nyx Quest Kindred spirit

This game is best on Ancient Greece story. Definitely, this game moves You to the past world. It is an adventurous game and the graphics are special.

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10  Unknown fate

Absolutely this is a scary game. This game starts when you woke up by a deep sleep. You have to fight with different type of aliens, and solve puzzles also.

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11 .N.O.V.A legacy

N.O.V.A. Legacy brings the best sci-fi FPS experience on your smartphone.
It has 3 modes to play
  1. Story mode
  2. Special mods
  3. Shadow mods

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12. Into the dead 2

This is a hit zombie action game( Into the Dead )(70m downloads on play store)
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13.MAD Zombies

Download this offline shooting game for free.  Millions gamers  are playing this offline game. It has 10M downloads on. Play store.

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14. Forward Assault

The first-person shooter with tactical gameplay, become the leader of a swat team and fight with enemies.

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15. The dead Target

70M shooters are shooting to kill zombies and save the world, let’s join with them and become the best player among them.

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16. Blazing Sniper Offline

 Over 50 shooter tasks and endless modes are available in this amazing opportunity game.

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17 Modern Critical Warfare

special modern war strike where you fight like in real world war and assassin all the undead enemies for survival of the last day on the earth.

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18. Royal Robots Battleground

It is an awesome game with real Battleground play experience in a smartphone.

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19. Major mayhem 2

Guns, grenades, free and fun shooting action! The world’s greatest mobile action arcade cover shooting gameplay completely offline with no internet!

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20. Metal Soldier

Metal Soldiers 2 combines the platform-style games with 2d shooters. Use different guns and grenades too.

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