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which author wrote "death of a salesman" and "the crucible"? (Answer)

which author wrote death of a salesman and the crucible ? (Answer)
"death of a salesman" was a famous tragedy play which is the best play of the 20th century . In this play there are 10 characters. The language of the play is English. This play was first premiered on 10th February 1949 at New York.

                                        The Author of the play "death of a salesman" isArthur Asher Miller

"the crucible" is also a tragedy play ( English Language). In this play there are 10 characters. The crucible play was premiered in New York at Jan 1953. In 1957 a movie was also made on the base of "the crucible.

 The Author of the play "the crucible" isArthur Asher Miller