The 11 Best Beard Trimmers for 2020

Not all facial hair is equal.

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For many it’s a case of removing every unwanted strand, but for those of us who chose to wear our beards with pride – we need the best beard trimmer for our skin, style, and budget.

Whether you’ve been rocking a tache since the 70s or you’ve recently grown to love your lockdown stubble there are many reasons to invest in a good beard trimmer.

Good grooming is important for many men and women, and for us men who have chosen to adopt facial hair it’s important to keep it tidy. It’s not enough to just ‘let it grow’, a beard is a responsibility and one that should be taken seriously.

And if you’re here I’m going to assume that you do. 

So, mustached men and bearded boys, I present you with the ultimate list, nay, guide, on the best electric shavers in 2020.

What’s in the guide, you ask?

  • The 11 best beard and moustache trimmers where I’m sure you’ll discover your ideal grooming tool
  • A buyer’s guide to help make your decision
  • How I compiled my list
  • Some frequently asked questions from those looking to find a new beard trimmer.

Now, let’s give your beard the love it deserves.


Best Beard Trimmers 2020 at a glance

Short on time? Here’s a summary of my top beard trimmers

  1. Philips OneBlade – Best Overall Beard Trimmer
  2. Panasonic Wet/Dry Beard Trimmer – Best Beard Trimmer for Stubble
  3. Wahl Professional Trimmer – Best Beard Trimmer for line ups
  4. Remington Vacuum Trimmer – Best Tidy Beard Trimmer
  5. Braun Electric Razor – Best Advanced Beard Trimmer
  6. Micro Touch Trimmer – Best Beard Trimmer for Keeping Body Hair in Check
  7. Panasonic Wet and Dry Use Wireless Adjustable Trimmer – Best Customizable Beard Trimmer 
  8. Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer – Best Premium Beard Trimmer
  9. Wahl Stainless Steel Trimmer – Fastest Charging Beard Trimmer
  10. Wahl Lithium Ion All-in-One – Best Equipped Beard Trimmer
  11. Braun BT3221 – Best Affordable Beard Trimmer

11 Best Beard Trimmers for Men in 2020 – The Full Guide

And now, my full guide on the best beard trimmers in the world… probably.

1. Philips Norelco OneBlade Hybrid Electric Trimmer – Best Overall Beard Trimmer

Philips Norelco OneBlade QP2520

The OneBlade is, in effect, an affordable all-in-one trimmer that works for any length of facial hair. In a nutshell, it uses a dual-sided blade and several detachable guards to help you keep your beard hair at the ideal length for your needs and personal aesthetic.

Through its electric shaving power, using it as a stubble trimmer or for your beard every morning or every few days is quick and easy. The blade at the heart of the device is durable enough to last around four months of normal use.

Because of its versatility, ease-of-use and durability, it’s perhaps the best beard trimmer on Amazon, all things considered.


Where to start? The OneBlade comes with a long-lasting battery that can work for 45 minutes under an eight-hour charge. Thus, leaving it to recharge overnight is perfect if/when the battery ever dies.

The trimmer itself is also designed with a contour edging head. This essentially helps the precision trimmer blade follow the shape of your jawline. This way, you won’t have any straggler facial hairs left around, even if you’re going for a particularly close shave.

As mentioned, it also comes with three-guard combs: 1 mm for a very tight trim, 3 mm for stubble, and 5 mm if you want to keep a little more length to your stubble for a rugged look.

  • The trimmer is durable overall.
  • Blades should last for four months, and it’s water-resistant
  • It comes with plenty of guard combs for personalization
  • Battery life should last for a while (around 45 minutes)
  • It’s not great for close shaving compared to a regular razor
  • Takes a long time to charge (8 hours)

All in all, the OneBlade is a solid and versatile electric beard trimmer, ideal for guys who like a little bit of stubble or who enjoy keeping their facial hair close to clean-shaven. The affordable price, usability in water, and gentle electric touch means that there are almost no downsides.

Its speed, durability, and ease-of-use make it an ideal pick for men without a lot of patience with their morning routine. 

2. Panasonic Cordless Men’s Beard Trimmer with Precision Dial – Best Beard Trimmer For Stubble

Panasonic GB42-K

This is one of the best precision beard trimmers for personalized beard cutting and sculpting; it comes with 19 settings! A plethora of excellent design choices, like its masculine shape and rubberized grip, means that it’s easy to take charge of your facial hair’s appearance with this beard trimmer kit.

It has a matching charging and storage stand. Plus, its small size and light weight mean it’s a great travel companion as well. This is the trimming tool for men who enjoy being able to control the shape of every hair on their faces. 


For starters, this trimmer comes with 19 settings you can adjust using an integrated dial positioned right on the handle. So, swapping precision settings is quick and easy.

The trimmer also comes with a snap-on adjustable comb. This is ideal for cutting through straggler hairs around the corner of your jaw. Alternatively, you can use the comb to raise up any flat hair that is more difficult to cut than average.

This trimmer also comes with a matching AC charger. This plugs right into the wall outlet and acts as a separate stand to prevent the trimmer from getting wet on your bathroom counter. It’s stylish and convenient.

  • Has a rubberized/ergonomic handle, which improves user comfort
  • Can be used entirely in water
  • Blades are hypoallergenic and very sharp
  • You can clean the blade in seconds thanks to the water drain
  • Not ideal for longer beards
  • No Li-ion battery

All in all, this customizable trimmer is a great choice for guys with close facial hair that need a clean, quick shave relatively often. It’s a comfortable tool and a good pick for a staple cutting instrument, along with a solid travel trimmer, all in the same purchase.

I’d easily recommend this for men who have close, rough facial hair that they have difficulty trimming with other electric tools. The combs and attachments make even stubborn or flat hairs disappear with a single pass. I’d also recommend this for guys who like wet shaving or trimming in the shower.


3. Wahl Professional 5-Star Detailer with Adjustable T Blade – Best Beard Trimmer for Line Ups

Wahl 8081

The Wahl 5-Star Detailer is a professional beard trimmer for barbers as well as normal guys through and through. It’s a compact trimmer with one of the most unique aesthetics on the market. Besides this, it offers tons of accessories that professional barbers or guys at home will both appreciate.

Since it weighs just 6.9 ounces, this electric rotary shaver is easy to use over long trimming sessions. It has a rotary motor blade and a chemical-resistant power cord. In short, it’s a powerful but precision-capable trimming tool for your face.


As mentioned, this professional trimmer for barbers comes with a rotary motor, meaning the trimmer rotates the blades in a circular motion. This creates an extremely close shave. As one of the best adjustable beard trimmers, the blade used is extra wide and is adjustable to your liking or the shape of your face.

It also comes with three of the best beard trimmer attachment combs I’ve seen, measured at 1/16 of an inch, 1/8 of an inch, and 3/16 of an inch, respectively. This allows you to vary your beard lengths depending on your personal aesthetic.

An additional cleaning brush, clipper blade oil, and a red blade guard round out the set. These will let you keep the tool clean – a particularly nice addition if you are purchasing this as a professional barber.

  • Trimmer is durable, with a long power cord (8-feet)
  • Rotary motor makes it one of the best long beard trimmers
  • Trimmer is lightweight, making it easy to use
  • Cord can get in the way and limits your movement to some extent
  • Can’t use the trimmer in the shower

It’s not an ideal tool for men who only shave every once in a while. But otherwise, it’s an excellent electric trimmer and the best corded beard trimmer, bar none. The stylish design, excellent functionality, and additional accessories make it a great purchase through and through. 

As you might expect, this trimmer is an excellent choice if you are a professional barber. The additional combs and cleaning supplies will save you a bit of money in the long run.


I think this is the best cheap beard trimmer given its versatility and great results. Few other budget-friendly trimmers can work for your hair just as well as they can for your stubble. While you might want to combine this with a traditional razor for a particularly close shave, this is still a great pick for guys who want to cultivate an excellent close beard. 

Check this out and consider buying it if you need something budget-friendly but effective. It’s a great trimmer that doesn’t cut corners despite being so affordable.

Buyer’s Guide: Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Beard Trimmer

Corded or Cordless

Electric facial hair trimmers come in corded or cordless models. Corded trimmers have the advantage of never running out of power, provided you have a power outlet close at hand whenever you want to use them.

However, cordless trimmers are often seen as superior. This is because cordless trimmers can be taken with you into the shower more often than not, allowing you to benefit from a nice wet shave. Furthermore, they’re great travel trimming tools since you don’t need to worry about taking a bulky power cord along with you.

Still, cordless trimmers are only really worth your time if you can remember to recharge them when their batteries get low on power. Some of the best hair and beard trimmers come with battery life indicators to alert you to this condition before the battery life becomes critical.


Many of the best beard trimmers for men will be adjustable to some extent. They may have an adjustable dial that allows you to alter the height the trimming blades extend to from the device’s neck. These lengths are great for determining whether you want to give yourself a relatively close shave or just trim away some length from a close beard.

Alternatively, some of the best adjustable beard trimmers come with guard combs. These can be attached to the tops of trimmers and will prevent the cutting blades from getting close to your hair by a preset length. You can maintain a beard of optimal length in this way, so be sure to choose a trimmer featuring at least a few guard combs if you aren’t interested in shaving down to stubble or a clean-shaven look.

Battery Life

As mentioned, battery life for cordless trimmers is pretty important. That’s because nothing is worse than needing to give yourself a quick shave, only for your cordless trimmer to no longer have enough battery life or power.

Some of the best beard trimmers come with tools that will continue to work even at low power. Others, however, are limited in that they don’t let you give yourself a quick trim if they need to be charged and have only a few minutes of juice left.

You should also consider how long it takes for a cordless trimmer to recharge from empty. Some trimmers, for example, can give you up to 5 hours of battery life for around 10 hours of charge time. Other trimmers’ charge/run time ratios aren’t nearly so generous and may require more than 10 hours of charge for only a single hour of power.


Lots of electric beard trimmers will also come with some accessories, including guard combs. However, other trimmers will come with full-on beard trimmer kits that might include:

  • additional trimming heads – these are ideal for trimming nose hair, ear hair, and eyebrow hair
  • carrying bags, which are great if you need the trimmer for traveling
  • plugs and cords
  • charging stations if they are a particular cordless model

Keep the accessories included in a kit in mind as this element can help you determine which trimmer is really right for you if two similar models are close in price and features otherwise. 

Can It Clip Hair?

Some of the best men’s hair clippers are also hair trimmers!

But what are the real differences between beard trimmers vs. hair clippers? Hair clippers are basically the same thing but have longer cutting lengths and rougher blades in many cases.

One of the best hair clippers you can get doubles as a beard trimmer: the Braun Beard Trimmer for Men BT3221. Since it’s wireless, this rechargeable hair clipper is an ideal whole-trimming tool for travel.

Does it work in Water?

Lastly, be sure to consider whether a given trimmer works in water. Remember that only cordless trimmers can work in water at all. Being able to give yourself a wet shave is usually considered to be a better experience and enables you to trim closer to your skin since your pores are more opened and your hair is softer.


To choose the best beard trimmers, I tried to answer some of the big questions I faced when trimming my own facial hair. For instance:

  • Is the trimmer good for shaping?
  • Does it also cut hair?
  • How often can I use it?

Doing this allowed me to remove plenty of trimmers right off the bat. For instance, I got rid of a bunch of extra Philips trimmers since too many of them had battery lifes not worth writing home about.

After eliminating the junk trimmers, I focused on the features included with each trimmer tool. After all, they’re each designed to cut facial hair. To determine the best ones, I prioritized testing the different individual features, accessories, or customization elements each included.

Instead of cutting my own facial hair all the time (that would take too long), I enlisted the help of guys from our editorial department. Each tested one and compared the results. So I had some real-world experience for each trimmer even though I only have one face of (now gone) facial hair!

Final Verdict

So, when all is said and done, which electric razor is the best out of all these?

Ultimately, it depends on you and your personal needs! But if you have facial hair of any style or length, at least one of these trimmers ought to have caught your eye. For instance, who could resist the shine of the Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium Ion+ Beard and Nose Trimmer for Men?

For my part, I really liked the Philips Norelco OneBlade Hybrid Electric Trimmer for its ease of use and versatility. No matter what your preferences are, remember what I went over in the buying guide and you’ll choose the perfect trimmer for your facial hair.


Q: What is the best beard trimmer?

A: Ultimately, I think the Philips Norelco OneBlade Hybrid Electric Trimmer is the best beard trimmer for men since it’s affordable, versatile, and features blades that can last for up to four months. It’s also pretty good in terms of price, so men with most budget levels should be able to give it a whirl.

Q: Which brand is best for trimmers?

A: The best beard trimmer brands consistently put out quality products. Philips, Panasonic, and Braun are my go-to’s, especially when you consider the beard trimmer reviews for most of their devices. Wahl products are also usually decent, though only a few of their trimmers match the consistent high ratings of the other three brands. Remington, as well, can be a good choice, with many budget-friendly options that deliver good quality.

Q: How do I trim my beard perfectly?

A: Trimming a beard to perfection is an exercise in trial and error. Try to use a guard comb or set your trimmer to a particular length and give yourself a trim. 

Go cautiously at first to ensure you don’t cut your facial hair too short. You can always trim more hair later!

What if you decided to trim your facial hair extremely short, but now want to make a change? Wait for your hair to grow out again and set the trimmer or guard comb to a longer length. The reverse is true if you want your hair to be even shorter.

Honestly, each man has a different ideal beard length based on his hair type and personal aesthetic. You’ll have to experiment if you want to find the perfect length for your face.

Don’t forget to spend some time cleaning your trimmer’s blade! It’s the only way to make sure it lasts for a long time.

Q: What is the best cordless beard trimmer?

A: The Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 3500 is arguably the best cordless beard trimmer on the market purely in terms of features and functionality. It’s pricy though, so it’s really only a good choice for men with a little extra cash to spend.

Q: What is better – cordless or corded beard trimmer?

A: In my opinion, a wireless beard trimmer is the way to go. It’s simply too valuable to be able to trim your beard or body hair in the shower to give up that aspect just to ensure you always have power. So long as you remember to plug in a corded trimmer after every time you use it so it can constantly recharge, you’ll be set.

Q: Which beard trimmer gives the closest shave?

A: The Wahl Professional 5-Star Detail Trimmer with Adjustable T Blade gives quite a close shave, even though it’s corded. The Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 3500, too, is capable of shaving almost close enough to compete with straight razors.

Q: What beard trimmers do barbers use?A: Professionals at barbershops often use professional-grade trimmers that include high-quality power cords, a plethora of different length settings and guard combs, and comfortable handles. A great example is the Wahl Professional 5-Star Detailer with Adjustable T Blade, which is essentially one of the best beard trimmers for barbers that’s now on the market for regular guys.

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