difference between blogger-vlogger and blogging vs vlogging

difference between blogger vlogger and blogging Vlogging

Today everyone knows blogging and vlogging so so if not a difficult thing to describe the difference between blogger and vlogger.

Blogger vs vlogger

Blogger is a person , passion or job related to a person who write articles for website example news . News reporter is a best example for both vlogger and blogger.
When news reporter is covering news by a video then we can say that he is a vlogger or when selling used by website we can say him a blogger.

Vlogger terms refer for a person who share news and other information via videos . Today the tourism videos presented by a single person are very popular the person who presented the video is called vlogger.

Blogging vs Vlogging

Generally blogging word is used when someone indicate about a bloggers work example if anyone ask a blogger what are you doing and if the blogger is writing any news or article then he will say that he is blogging now.

Vlogging  is referred to work when a vlogger creating a video presentation to share any knowledge, place and things.