At this time the whole world is struggling with the disease named corona and at this time you need to take many precautions. This disease is very terrible. This disease has given the lives of hundreds of people, so you should avoid this infectious disease.So during this disease, we will need to make all the things coming from outside, worth it in our work, so in this post I will tell you about some machines that can make the fruit fruit vegetables coming into your house worth eating.

Why to use vegetable sanitizer ( disinfectant ) machine 

The biggest cure for this disease is not to protect yourself, to keep your family safe and to stay as far as possible from other people. Follow social distance. Always keep a hand sanitizer with you and wash hands whenever required and use the method described on the WHO site to wash hands.

There are many types of machines available at present which can make the fruit vegetables brought to your home eatable, as well as it can eliminate many types of bacteria and viruses.You can use it to avoid Kovid-19.

Best vegetable sanitizer ( disinfectant ) machine for home use

Currently there are many such options by using which you can secure the vegetable at your home.
Some of the available machines are described here.

1.Kent Ozone Plastic Vegetable and Fruit Purifier 

This machine is made by trusted brand Kent Company. 
This machine brought very good results in the market.
If you have studied science, you will find that ozone gas is used to disinfect things.
So the product comes with ozone technology  which work as disinfectant properly.

Price - 6199INR

2. Prestige Clean Home Ozonizer POZ 1.0

image prestige clean home ozonizer also works on the same technology as the kent ozonizer. This device is best for budget and works better as kent .

Price 3295 INR


You can use the machine on your own. Apart from these machines, there are many products in the market which are in liquid form and you can use them to disinfect the vegetable.

Best vegetable sanitizers available at Amazon

Liquid sanitizers

Solid (Powder sanitizer)

Powder saniziter also can be use to sanitize vegetables