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JioTV Latest Version APK Download

Jio App is a type of app created by Reliance Jio Ltd. Runs on Android and iOS platform, with the help of this app you can watch the best channels of TV and shows on your smartphone or tablet.
JioTV App full detailsIn this post you will get all the information related to JioTV App
What is the minimum internet speed need to access jio TV?Minimum 300Kbps is required to play jioTv app smoothly.
Can we use JioTv app with other internnet provider Sim ?To use the jio TV app you need to have a jio Sim and also you need to add account with the help of jio number and you can't run without the jio network..
What is the minimum Android or iOS version required to run jio TV app ?
If you are using iOS operating system then the minimum requirement is 7.0 and if you are using the Android Operating System then the minimum requirement is Android 4.1.
  which jio plan is needed to to run jio TV app? it's not depend on any plans . You only need to have any plans and it will use your data as you watch

how to available Facebook desktop web version in dark mode

Facebook has recently announced Dark Mode. Dark Mode features are the most popular feature all the Social media platforms are converting there apps to support dark mode because dark mode makes no effects on eye eg. Instagram, WhatsApp and others. so in this article, I will show how you can easily use the Facebook desktop version in dark mode.
how to available Facebook desktop web version in  dark mode (Latest feature updates)Dark mode is usually enabled by some small  steps
Open and login to your account.      2. Check have you opened the latest Facebook version ( If not then at right side click on latest version/ latest Facebook).
      3. After enabled the latest version check out the image below there will be dropdown 

     4. take the pointer to dark mode and enable it by click 

    5. after enable dark mode your latest Facebook will look like this .

Facebook desktop Dark Mode web version benefits
Here are the benefits of the desktop dark web version 

when using the first ti…

How to watch the Cw channel live (any country)

How to watch the Cw channel live (any country)
The official channel is restricted to use in US only so if you are trying to use site to watch the channel live on mobile or app then you just need to try proxy or VPN. If you want to get updates and news from cw channel then you can do this systems to watch live cw channel.

How to watch the Cw channel live on official website
Please remember that this website is usable only on United States. So use this steps
Download Turbo VPN from play store/app StoreSet the location to United StatesOpen the Cw official websiteEnjoy the live channel 
How to watch the Cw channel live on Official Cw Appyes of course you can download the app and start to watch the cw live with the official app. if you are outside from USA and you will also need you turbo VPN to watch life on cw app. So friends follow the steps to watch live Cw official channel.
Download the Turbo VPN and enable it by choosing US location.Download the official Cw AppOpen the official Cw app and …

Best iOS/Android apps for Writing article's, essays, blog posts

Blogger/Blogspot This is the first platform where we can start the journey of blogging because WordPress has many more features than blogger to maintain and help to make new posts. Write a post in a browser it is very difficult on blogger in the smartphone. There is one thing which always available on our pocket that's a smartphone. friends we can manage the blogs with android/ios smartphones. I am going to tell u about apps which will really help you to write posts with all the functions like H1 tags titles and capital words brackets and all of the things. It will be very handy with your fingertips on smartphone and you can also type with your voice assistant keyboard. With the help of blogging app,  create post early and easily customize can be done at fingertips. In the journey of blogging, this type of apps really help you and save your time and energy to write articles. If you are perfect on coding then it will help you to write your HTML and other codes in very literary form…

Best vegetable sanitizer ( disinfectant ) machine for home use

At this time the whole world is struggling with the disease named corona and at this time you need to take many precautions. This disease is very terrible. This disease has given the lives of hundreds of people, so you should avoid this infectious disease.So during this disease, we will need to make all the things coming from outside, worth it in our work, so in this post I will tell you about some machines that can make the fruit fruit vegetables coming into your house worth eating.
Why to use vegetable sanitizer ( disinfectant ) machine 
The biggest cure for this disease is not to protect yourself, to keep your family safe and to stay as far as possible from other people. Follow social distance. Always keep a hand sanitizer with you and wash hands whenever required and use the method described on the WHO site to wash hands.
There are many types of machines available at present which can make the fruit vegetables brought to your home eatable, as well as it can eliminate many types of ba…

difference between blogger-vlogger and blogging vs vlogging

difference between blogger vlogger and blogging Vlogging
Today everyone knows blogging and vlogging so so if not a difficult thing to describe the difference between blogger and vlogger.
Blogger vs vlogger
Blogger is a person , passion or job related to a person who write articles for website example news . News reporter is a best example for both vlogger and blogger. When news reporter is covering news by a video then we can say that he is a vlogger or when selling used by website we can say him a blogger.

Vlogger terms refer for a person who share news and other information via videos . Today the tourism videos presented by a single person are very popular the person who presented the video is called vlogger.

Blogging vs Vlogging
Generally blogging word is used when someone indicate about a bloggers work example if anyone ask a blogger what are you doing and if the blogger is writing any news or article then he will say that he is blogging now.
Vlogging  is referred to work when a vlogger …

iOS 14 release date and all the new features you should know

iOs 13 some basic info you should know before upgrade to iOs14

ios13 was released on September 2019 and it was the powerful os which covers all the best smartphones from the Apple inc.the best feature of ios13 was you can easily use your online drive with the file manager of ios13,also the smart gesture features was too much improved. now the days official ios13 are running on this devices.
iPhone 11 iPhone 11 Pro
iPhone 11 Pro Max
iPhone XS
iPhone XS Max
iPhone XR
iPhone X
iPhone 8
iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone 7
iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone 6s
iPhone 6s Plus
iPhone SEiPod touch (7th generation)

iOS 14 release date and all the new features you should knowthese are the devices which are supporting ios13 but the main topic is today iOS 14 if you want to enjoy iOS 14 you can update your smartphone till the end of june 2020. The official Apple iOS still not announced the real date to release ios14 os. By the way, things related to  iOS 14 have already been added with the camera feature.
Here are some devices with which w…

Top 10 Free, SEO, Fast Loading, Responsive Blogger Templates 2020 in English

Which template is best for Blogger? Are you searching for fast SEO blogger templates which are  Best SEO friendly blogger templates. Then you are at right place.Google will not reveal any lack of this template on markup testing. I am also using this blogger templates on my site. 

Top 10 Free, Fast Loading, Responsive Blogger Templates 2020 in English

So let's continue on the best SEO friendly optimized blogger XML templattopic. Please note that SEO friendly website is not only the major factor for SEO and traffic , but a websites post must also be eye-catching and with article related keywords.

Seo always matter on all platform , if you are using  WordPress then you can easily maintain on-page and off-page SEO with the help of plugins .But in the blogger there are no plugins and official support are available but never forget that google always provides many tools to find the SEO score of any site and also providing keywords tools. if you want to learn about the best SEO factors, …

Happy Father’s Day 2020: Wishes, images, cards, quotes, messages, status, photos, pics, and greetings

Happy Father’s Day 2020: Wishes, images, cards, quotes, messages, status, photos, pics, and greetings are the best things to share you Deep love with father. father is the the person who want his child become more successful then him. Today is the father father day, father day was first time celebrated at 1910. This is new decade every one show their love with father by social media platforms.
Happy Father’s Day 2020: Wishes, images, quotes, Whatsapp status,messages, status, photos, pics, and greetings

Father day was first time celebrated by Sonora smart . Father day is celebrated accross the world. Father also play a big role in child Life. In this article Happy father's day quotes, images, greetings are shared in this post.

Happy Father’s Day 2020: Wishes, images, greetings , Whatsapp status,messages, status, photos and pics

Below images are the best images to share your expression with love and with childhood memories.

Photo by Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas from Pexels

Photo by Dominika …

How To Install High CPC Cookies In Firefox Browser For High CPC Ads 2020

How To Install Cookies In Firefox Browser For High CPC Ads 2020

how to import cookies in firefox are you searching for that. Then you are at the right place, here you will become familiar to install high CPC cookies in firefox latest version.
Some Details About cookies
Friendsaccording to Wikipedia cookies, which are also known as web cookie are also known as a record of user activity which is generally used by google, ads platforms and another e-commerce website to show products according to user interests. So I hope you got an idea from above the details.

Seo Tips For Better Ranking on Google
Why install cookies in firefox friends now the day's many new Website beginners are in a hurry to earn money. Many AdSense publishers use the wrong way to generate high earning with Google AdSense, they participate in many c4c ads click exchange programs via Facebook and Whatsapp groups. So the benefits are that if you install high CPC cookies in Firefox then when you browse internet via Firefox…

10 crunky cockatoo videos will make you laugh

Cockatoo is known to be the finest parrot bird that mimics the voice of humans.You will find many great videos of exciting sounds made by them on the internet.This bird community comes to the parrot. Cockatoo commonly eat fruit vegetable insects. Their panache is very good and attractive.

10 crunky cockatoo videos will make you laugh

In this post we will tell you some of the best videos that will fill you with excitement. Cockatoo bird is very good with humans, so it is mainly reared in homes. But this bird has been mistreated by many people so many times, so I advise you that it is a very good bird, you should treat it a good deal and you definitely get it. 

Photo by Chris F from Pexels

10 Crunky cockatoo video 
So here are 10 entertaining videos.

Cockatoo epic freakout 01

Cockatoo bird funny moment 02

Cockatoo bird funny moment 03

Cockatoo bird funny moment 04

Cockatoo bird funny moment 05

Cockatoo bird funny moment 06

Cockatoo bird funny moment 07

Cockatoo bird funny moment 08

Cockatoo bird funn…