What is the mission of YouTube ? .  YouTube is a very popular word no one needs to describe what is YouTube. But you know what is the main motto of YouTube.Whats is the aim or mission of YouTube.

What is the mission of YouTube?

YouTube so let's get started to know what is the mission of YouTube. Why YouTube gives us free videos and what is the main mission of YouTube.
So here are the YouTube mission is easily described below.

Mission of YouTube

YouTube thought that everyone deserves a chance to spread their voice to the world. The aim is easily described below.

  • Freedom of Expression
  1. Speak freely
  2. Share opinions
  3. Foster open dialogue

  • Freedom of information
  1.     Yes off course share real information with others
  2. And if you share then you can also get information from o

  • Freedom of opportunity
  On YouTube, everyone can promote himself/herself. So you have a large crowd to share your ideas, businesses and experience.

  • Freedom to Belong
     YouTube doesn't believe in the boundaries, religions and diversity. YouTube erased the boundaries and at all, you can easily connect with other community and share your thoughts.


                     Do you still think, you have to deal with news paper groups and channels to share your thoughts, opinions and problems? If you have read completely the mission of YouTube then please never shy for everything, be ready and go to YouTube and share everything as the YouTube rules and regulations.