Hello friends I know you will be busy? In your job, on your smartphone, and in any trouble or busy life. You all will remember what kind of games we used to play in our childhood ie 19th century which were very exciting and fun, neither mobile nor battery was required. I hope you understand something from my words and what I am pointing to. So let's go towards our childhood.

Top 5 Indian Childhood Games of the '90s, You can't forget

So here is the list of  top 5 childhood games of the '90s. In 90's there was nor mobile nor tablets to play.

  • Opingo Batingo Game

This game was very exciting but it was also very scary because of which because many times the wrong side effects of this game used to come, in this game, we used to call someone opingo, then he used to stand up and we would hit him on the back by saying batingo. Whether it was a girl or a boy it was a very amazing game, but for this, we have beaten and fed a lot.

  • Chidiya ud kabutar ud

This game was also very fun. In this game, all of us children used to sit in a circle and place our palm on the ground, and one shout chidiya ud and all the children raised their hands. Similarly, we used to say that we used to say cow ud and In this way, if a fellow lifted his hands up when he spoke, then his palm means both the palms together and the other friends would hit the palm.

  • Charti Bharti

This game required two players or two groups to play this game, it was played like a chase game, the playing stones of different players on both sides were of different colours.

  • Changh Astah

In this game, there were four divisions which every fifth room was secured and this game was played with the help of tamarind kernels. In the game, tamarind kernels are the throne and the gameplay with the number's get the through the tamarind kernels.

  • Chupan Chhipai

It was a kind of hiding game, it was very fun to play this game as many people could play this game and in this game, one player used to come to search for the other player because all the players hide somewhere.