Top 10 Tricks to Complete 1000 Subscribers on Youtube Channel Fast & Free for Monetization

Do you own any channel on YouTube and you have applied AdSense for monetization?

Do you just make a video and put it directly on YouTube, then you are doing this completely wrong, there are many things you should take care of before uploading to YouTube and even after uploading it happens that you have to make a video Is to take it and direct it to YouTube. This is exactly the wrong way that you have to take care of a lot of things while making a YouTube video. 

Follow these tips to get monetized fast on YouTube

If you follow the things given below, then your channel will definitely be monetized and you will complete 4000 hours.

  • Keep videos at least 5 minutes and at most 15 minutes

  • You do not give any information you want to give at the beginning of the video, because after doing this, the viewer will get out of your video, try to show that you work at least after 3 minutes.

  • You tell the viewers in the video to subscribe to the channel.

  • Tell your customers to stay till the end to understand the video properly, it helps you to stand the viewers till the end.

  • Don't set the frame at the fixed size, show your self ar the different Angel's.

  • Make attractive intro

  • Keep a good body language 

  • Always come in the video to describe the aim of video and show the steps first as we show as the table of contents in websites.

  • Always share at different social networking platforms

  • Avoid doing illegal things to get fast 4000hours and subscribers.

  • Create a Facebook page and always post a youtube video on the Facebook page.

  • Add proper Tag for video

  • Add video main aim at the first of the three lines because it shows first below youtube video.

  • when commenting on other youtube creators video, then never share your channel link on it you can use #tag while commenting eg, great video #KvsGoogler

  • Use google trend to find out the realtime searches on Google.


Be aware of the trending topics with the help of free tools eg Google Trends and avoid illegal things to get fast 4000hours and subscribers.