How to solve adsense auto ads not showing on desktop error

AdSense auto ads, when the first time auto AdSense ads were announced bloggers were happy because there was no need to add many ads codes on your WordPress or Blogspot site, no one wants to do the google ads code pasting job.  Auto ads were just an HTML code which was needed to paste after the head tag of webpage HTML code. So many of times Adsense auto ads not showing on desktop error was coming on WordPress, Blogspot and other cms platforms.

Why Adsense auto ads not showing on desktop error occurs

Friends many of time your websites traffic is the major problem for AdSense auto ads not showing because we set the setting to show maximize ads show on AdSense website, but in the reality, we have very low traffic on the site. This is the major reason for AdSense auto ads not showing on desktop error.  I am giving some reasons you can change or edit these problems.

  •  Traffic 

                          If you have low traffic on your website then change the maximum ads show setting to low.

  • Template

                            many web templates are old and not capable of at Auto ads showing, so try to change your template to latest templates which are responsive and ads ready.

  • Powerful Ad Blocker

                                web browsers are mostly powerful nowadays so they have a special feature named ad blocker so many of times If you are using auto ads then it is a huge chance it will block your ads,  so it is no guarantee that we get exact ads.  There is the best example: page views of your website are different on your CMS and AdSense.

Solutions to remove error Adsense auto ads not showing on desktop 

      These solutions are not given by google official for AdSense auto ads not showing on desktop
  • Don't make free spaces in the layout of the website.
  • Use the latest Adsense ads ready templates.
  • If a website has low traffic than low down the maximum ads show setting on auto ads.
  • Also, add manual ads on the layout of the website 
  • Use link ads which generate high ad clicks on site 
  • Always check your site for Malware and virus
  • If you are using free templates check that any developer has not added any HTML AdSense code to a web template.
  • Take the ads experiments available by AdSense.
  • Add ads.txt file with the help of Adsense