Here are the questions and answers of the amazon redmi 8a dual quiz #RedmiQuiz

Amazon redmi 8a dual Quiz #RedmiQuiz.

Amazon redmi 8a dual quiz question and answers.

Q1 ,What is the battery capacity of Redmi 8A Dual?

           Ans 5000mah

Q.2 What colors do the Redmi 8A Dual come in?

                Sky White
                Sea Blue
                Midnight Grey
                All of above
             Ans -. All of Above

Q.3 Does Redmi 8A Dual Support Dual volte?

                Ans.   Yes

Q.4 Which Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor used in Redmi 8A Dual?

              Ans Qualcomm Snapdragon 439

Q.5 What is the maximum memory variant available in Redmi 8A Dual?

             Ans.  32gb variant