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How to start blogging in 2k century

How to start Blogging from 0 to Hero 

Blogger terms apply to a person who shares knowledge and experience through the website . If you are a new person and wants to spread your knowledge around the globe, there are 2 platforms which will help you to start a website easily
            1. WordPress  
            2. Blogger.  

WordPress is not free and have many limitations so you should choose a blogger.

let's read the full article below to get the fast and free knowledge to start blogging with blogger. To start using Blogger you need a Google account.

Steps to Start Blogging with Blogger

Follow these steps to start blogging with blogger/BlogSpot.

           Title, address, theme

  •           Title: write about the company

  •           Address: create a unique easy web address for the website

  •           Theme: Select a theme as you like

          After completing the above click on create blog.

When your blog address, theme and Title is created, do this step setting.

1 step settings

  •         Blogger > settings > basic
               Create title and description

  •         At HTTP

               Turn HTTPS on
              Turn HTTPS redirect on

2nd step settings

        Blogger > settings >Search preferences

  •         At Meta tags

                         Write a description in 150 words

  •         At Custom robots .txt

                          Leave it to disable

  •         At Custom robots header tags

                          Leave it to disable

3rd settings


  •                       Allow Blog Feed –full
  •         Enable Title Links and Enclosure Links – yes

       Blogger>Settlings>Language and Formatting

              Select the language as you want

             Set your time zone according to your country

After completing all go to Posts, click on New Post and start writing

Custom Templates 

      It is too easy to change your blog design to a responsive website using custom xml templates

 Turn  on https

      https refers to a secure site for all types of purpose. it indicates users that, the site is safe.

Title Tag

Write your title-Tag, title-Tag describe the posts and news about which topic.

Description tag

 Write a brief description of your site. It also shown on Google searches as snippets.

Robots Header tags

Keep it disable because robots Header tags are automatically used and configured by googles blogger official. Official blogger blog also indicates to take it off.


     Users can easily generate robots.txt for blogger but it's not necessary to edit for blogger.


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