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How to start blogging in 2k century

How to start Blogging from 0 to Hero Blogger terms apply to a person who shares knowledge and experience through the website . If you are a new person and wants to spread your knowledge around the globe, there are 2 platforms which will help you to start a website easily

            1. WordPress
2. Blogger.

WordPress is not free and have many limitations so you should choose a blogger.
let's read the full article below to get the fast and free knowledge to start blogging with blogger. To start using Blogger you need a Google account.

Steps to Start Blogging with Blogger
Follow these steps to start blogging with blogger/BlogSpot.

Title, address, theme

Title: write about the company

Address: create a unique easy web address for the website

Theme: Select a theme as you like
After completing the above click on create blog.
When your blog address, theme and Title is created, do this step setting.

1 step settings

Blogger > settings > basic Create title and description


Turn HTTPS on Turn H…